SPG 1 Tidal Energy Device


SeaPower Gen has developed a revolutionary rotor, based on horizontal axis Gorlov/Darrieus principles which can be likened to a cylinder lawnmower.


It is based on advanced marine composite materials which provide strength, durability and outstanding performance. The turbine can be daisy chained over large distances, resulting in a high blockage ratio compared to “windmill” type devices, based on its rectangular profile to the tidal flows.


It can operate in shallow inshore waters and rivers. SPG’s surface piercing inspection towers have minimum visual impact unlike offshore wind turbines. The rotor poses little danger to fish and mammals and the turbine utilises Industry Standard components (generator, gearbox) for reliability and delivery purposes.



Load factor is predicted to be 36% with 79 GWh pa from a 30 MW Array. The SPG design is expected to lead to significant Capex and Opex savings.