SeaPower Gen Ltd aims to bring river and tidal power to Communities world-wide.

SeaPower Gen Ltd has designed a unique hydro turbine based on Darieus/Gorlov principles. IP resides within the company. Its rotor is equally efficient in uni directional rivers and bi directional tidal streams. A protoype turbine has been sea trialed successfully, and the aim is to develop and build a commercial sized water turbine. This will power ~ 5-8 houses and arrays can be sited to supply communities and small businesses.


SPG's strategy is to:

  • Licence the technology to a major UK based engineering company for hydro, and to an international organisation to supply small communities overseas.
  • Compete on LCOE (levelised cost of energy)
  • Become a Generator in its own right selling power to these communities.


This strategy will enable the Company to successfully establish itself as a leading hydro and tidal energy company.